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Birthday,Shower,Wedding, Special Occasions


We specialize in creating stylish and affordable party packages for any occasion. We will transform any space for you whether you are simply hosting a playful spur-of-the-moment get together, a large holiday party, or simply wanting to plan something new and fun for your upcoming birthday this year —we offer the perfect entertaining solutions to fit your needs!

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Want some inspiration? Check out what some of our iPartySmarter customers are up to. Our customized table settings, balloons and party designs are sure to make your "perfect party vision" come to life. Simply choose from one of our ready-to-party, hand-picked Smart Party Packages and have it shipped straight to your door!  Take a look at how easy we make it for you to enjoy your party, by letting Party Smarter handle the details!


"Oh my gosh! I LOVE the Smart Party Packs! This is my 2nd party in a box and once again, I had tons of compliments. I am so glad I found this site. The smart parties make my party-throwing process so easy. My 8yr old daughter helped me set up our party area, which was fun for us, and.. it still turned out gorgeous! All we did was look at the pictures. I love that I can throw a beautiful party on a budget, and not have a huge mess to clean after because the party packs come with disposable paper plates/table settings even though they look so nice. Would definitely recommend I Party Smarte. 

- Mia Taylor

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